God is good. Through all experimentation and perserverance god is steady in his work in you, he is not one who lies or is unjust through any deed. God reasures us by speaking of promised lands filled with great goods, still in the presence of god and goodness. He himself who already knew how and who you were, gave you in the beginning already this portion in you. Growing through Christ is not a burden, in fact serving and incountering god will probably add much gladness and love and life to living.  I am saying this because it is important for eveyone to know their greatness in God. He is not for a single person, or a single community but asks of us be in peace with one another. He tells us to seek and ask for him and that he wants to take a part in your best life. What a great and wonderful God, father he is. Patience, hold stillness in you. 

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